BigSport Gym Ciocana

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GymSala de fitness

Business hours

Monday 9:00-20:00
Tuesday 9:00-20:00
Wednesday 9:00-20:00
Thursday 9:00-20:00
Friday 9:00-20:00
Saturday 9:00-20:00
Sunday 9:00-20:00

About us

The biggest advantage to doing sports is the opportunity to be part of a strong and active community of people with the same vision, all who are here will support you and help you overcome personal berierele.
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Activities schedule

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10 27.6.2022 / 07:40

“It is good.”

10 20.2.2022 / 22:45


10 12.2.2022 / 13:07


10 29.11.2021 / 12:22

“mi-a placut”

6.3 31.7.2021 / 09:09

“От беговой дорожки, третья с права - бьёт ток из метала. Вторая беговая дорожка издаёт неприятные звуки при беге. Промаркируйте нерабочие аппараты”

str. Ion Dumeniuc 12, Ciocana, Chisinau